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TSA is a company that makes technology is the main goal and focus to help you develop a company. We are aware that nowadays, technological developments are growing very rapidly. Technology was created to build a faster and more efficient system, reduce frequent human error, increase productivity and other rooted problems. Through technology, a company can disturb the existence of giant’non-technology, which had long mastered in the same field.
Call it Gojek, a new transportation-technology company (Start-Up) which was founded in 2010. It only took 8 years, Gojek was able to disturb the power of non-technology transportation companies such as Blue Bird, Express and others. Starting from 200 drivers, now it has more than 1 million drivers.

Our Technology Services

Website Development & Design

Is your company a big company?
Is your company a serious company?
Is your company a professional company in its work?
Can be determined through the website.
In addition, the website is a long-term investment company.
And answering all that, we are able to create the best website for you.
Our website creation phase, namely:
1. Consult what content will be displayed on your website.
2. Website design that creates the best user experience
3. Making a dynamic website
4. Apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your website can compete to appear on the first page of the Search Engine


Why can E-Commerce be profitable?
1. Easy access. Buyers who come from places far from the seller are able to order goods and make instant payments without them having to come all the way to the seller’s place. So that on the seller’s side, they can expand their market scope.
2. Relatively cheaper. With internet capitalization, the selling price of goods can be suppressed and more competitive in the market. Even on the seller’s side, the more able to have cheaper prices, the buyer can be more interested in dropping in to your business.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an application created to facilitate business operational processes. Stock systems, cashier systems, HR systems (leave, claims, payroll), sales systems, shipping systems are one form of ERP.
ERP is made to record the system and make it easier for companies to work on their business operations. In addition to reducing human error that often occurs in company operations.
Currently, we do a lot of ERP in the form of website applications, meaning that the application is able to be accessed anywhere and anytime as long as it is connected to the internet like a website so it will be very flexible. But don’t worry, we use the Login system with good security to maintain data security.

Mobile Apps Build

Mobile apps are applications that are created, registered in apple store or play, store and must be installed first to use. Mobile apps are generally used for applications in the field, for example, sales tracking applications, applications for users, e-commerce applications and others.
The mobile application is made with the aim to reach wider users because it has a good appearance, features that are able to connect to the hardware of our mobile phones and are relatively faster to access.

Online Advertising

We are one of Google Adwords Partner in Surabaya. Assisting your Social Media Accounts through integrated brand communication programs and help you to market your brand in via online medias to connect your target audience with your brands.
Estimated Works Timeline 3, 6, or 12 months.

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