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ISA was structured as an interior design firm with passionate designers and artists. We strongly believe that design is not just about making a beautiful space, but creating spaces that balance aesthetics and functionality as well. Focused on client goals and objectives, ISA committed to deliver creative design solutions for every challenge. We design and repurpose space at every scale, from the private residence and resort development, retail, restaurant, offices and other industrial projects . We are well equipped to support our clients with integrated service.

Our Interior Services

Feasibility Studies & Concept Development

During feasibility studies, the very first stage of design thinking process is to gain an understanding to solve the core spatial problem of the project. Our team will observe and analyze the space and environment to define concept development in order to establish features, functions, and any other elements to achieve our main goals.

–       Field Data

–       Site Analysis

–       Neighborhood Relationship

–       Space Organization System

–       User Activity

Space planning & Design Development

After we gathered and analyzed a substantial amount of information and determined concept, at this point clients and our design team develop the best possibilities to create a space that reflects user’s style and objectives. At this part, the general shape of the building is developed through plans, sections, and elevations; by incorporating colors, materials, and textures.

–        Spatial Relationships

–        Typology Data

–        Space Requirements

–        Zoning & Grouping

–        Conceptual Sketch

–        Design Schematic

–        Material Scheme

3D Visualization & Technical Drawing

It is believed that a visual image increases our understanding to perceive the information. To achieve outstanding quality images that give clients a chance to see how their project will look once realized, we increasingly uses rendering tools to create photorealistic visualizations.

Installation Coordination

This phase involves the construction of the actual project result. We offer dedication to deliver the continuity of design concept and installation coordination during the implementation. At the end of the implementation phase, the result is evaluated according to the list of requirements that was created in the design phase.

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